Academic Affairs

Academic Administration

ACA-ADM-06 Undergraduate Student Academic Records
ACA-ADM-13 Undergraduate Academic Appeals
ACA-ADM-14 Summer School and Summer Study

Academic Programs

ACA-PRO-02 Accreditation of Academic Programs
ACA-PRO-03 Designation of Courses and Periods of Study
ACA-PRO-04 Curricula Approval and Revision
ACA-PRO-05 Assessment of Academic Programs
ACA-PRO-07 National Qualifications Framework Alignment
ACA-PRO-08 Approval and Modification of Non-Credit Courses
ACA-PRO-09 Certificate Programs
ACA-PRO-10 Academic Progress in the Baccalaureate Program
ACA-PRO-11 Grading in the Baccalaureate Program
ACA-PRO-12 E-Learning: Online and Blended Learning

Admissions and Registration

ACA-REG-01 Undergraduate Admission to Zayed University
ACA-REG-03 Undergraduate Transfer Admissions, Change of Program, and Transfer Credits
ACA-REG-05 Undergraduate Enrollment and Registration
ACA-REG-07 Undergraduate Student Attendance
ACA-REG-08 Student Maternity Leave
ACA-REG-09 Undergraduate Readmission to Zayed University
ACA-REG-10 Undergraduate Course Schedule
ACA-REG-11 Undergraduate Course Substitution
ACA-REG-12 Undergraduate Degree Completion and Graduation

Graduate Studies

ACA-GRA-01 Graduate Admission to Zayed University
ACA-GRA-02 Graduate Student Enrollment and Registration
ACA-GRA-03 Graduate Student Tuition and Fees
ACA-GRA-04 Graduate Student Financial Support
ACA-GRA-05 Academic Progress in Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-06 Grading in Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-07 Research Thesis and Dissertation
ACA-GRA-08 Academic Honors and Excellence for Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-09 Academic Appeals for Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-10 Graduate Student Records
ACA-GRA-11 Graduate Faculty Designation
ACA-GRA-12 Graduate Student Attendance
ACA-GRA-13 Academic Advising for Graduate Students
ACA-GRA-14 Final Assessments for Graduate Courses

Library and Learning Commons

ACA-LIB-01 Library Public Services

Student Affairs

ACA-STU-01 Student Security
ACA-STU-02 Code of Student Conduct
ACA-STU-03 Student Use of University Property and Facilities
ACA-STU-04 Student Organizations
ACA-STU-05 Student Publications
ACA-STU-06 Student Complaints
ACA-STU-07 Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Services
ACA-STU-08 Undergraduate Student Career Services
ACA-STU-09 Student Counseling Center Services
ACA-STU-10 Health and Wellness Center
ACA-STU-11 Extracurricular Activities and Programs
ACA-STU-12 International Extracurricular Activities
ACA-STU-13 Study Abroad
ACA-STU-14 Sports Leave
ACA-STU-15 Alumni
ACA-STU-16 Digital Badges
ACA-STU-31 Student Housing on ZU Abu Dhabi Campus

Administrative Support Services

Contracts and Procurement

SUP-CNP-01 Procurement and Warehouse Management

Financial Resources

SUP-FIN-19 Undergraduate Tuition Fees

IT Services

SUP-ITS-03 Access Control
SUP-ITS-04 Information Security
SUP-ITS-06 Password Security
SUP-ITS-07 Email Security
SUP-ITS-17 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access
SUP-ITS-18 Internet Content Management and Control