Academic Affairs

1. Undergraduate Admissions

ACA-ADM-101 Undergraduate Admission to Zayed University
ACA-ADM-102 Advanced Placement and Challenge Examinations
ACA-ADM-103 Undergraduate Transfer Admissions and Transfer Credits
ACA-ADM-104 Undergraduate Readmission to Zayed University
ACA-ADM-201 Undergraduate Tuition Fees
ACA-ADM-202 Scholarships and Grants for International Undergraduate Students

2. Enrollment and Registration

ACA-REG-101 Undergraduate Enrollment and Registration
ACA-REG-102 Change of Academic Program within Zayed University
ACA-REG-103 Undergraduate Student Attendance
ACA-REG-104 Student Maternity Leave
ACA-REG-201 Undergraduate Student Academic Records
ACA-REG-202 Undergraduate Degree Completion and Graduation
ACA-REG-301 Academic Calendar
ACA-REG-302 Undergraduate Course Schedule
ACA-REG-303 Undergraduate Course Substitution

3. Educational Programs

ACA-PRO-101 Academic Degree Program Specifications
ACA-PRO-102 Designation of Courses and Periods of Study
ACA-PRO-103 Curricula Approval and Revision
ACA-PRO-104 Approval and Modification of Non-Credit Courses
ACA-PRO-105 Certificate Programs
ACA-PRO-106 Assessment of Academic Programs
ACA-PRO-107 Course Files
ACA-PRO-108 Course Syllabi
ACA-PRO-109 Credit Hour
ACA-PRO-201 Academic Progress in the Undergraduate Program
ACA-PRO-202 Recognition of Prior Learning
ACA-PRO-203 Grading in the Undergraduate Program
ACA-PRO-204 Academic Internships
ACA-PRO-205 Final Examinations and Assessments
ACA-PRO-301 Undergraduate Academic Appeals
ACA-PRO-401 E-Learning: Online and Blended Learning
ACA-PRO-402 Summer School and Summer Study
ACA-PRO-403 Study Abroad
ACA-PRO-501 Academic Honors for Undergraduate Students
ACA-PRO-601 Intellectual and Academic Freedom

4. Library and Learning Commons

ACA-LIB-101 Library Public Services
ACA-LIB-102 Library Collection Development
ACA-LIB-103 University Archives

5. Student Life

ACA-STU-101 Undergraduate Student Rights and Responsibilities
ACA-STU-102 Undergraduate Student Code of Conduct
ACA-STU-103 Gender Segregation
ACA-STU-104 Student Use of University Property and Facilities
ACA-STU-105 Undergraduate Student Complaints and Grievances
ACA-STU-201 Student Code of Academic Integrity
ACA-STU-202 Student Conduct During Examinations
ACA-STU-301 Student Organizations
ACA-STU-303 Extracurricular Activities and Programs
ACA-STU-304 International Extracurricular Activities

6. Student Support

ACA-STS-101 Undergraduate Academic Advising
ACA-STS-102 Student Counseling Center Services
ACA-STS-201 Undergraduate Student Career Services
ACA-STS-301 Undergraduate Student Financial Aid Services
ACA-STS-401 Students with Disabilities
ACA-STS-501 Student On-Campus Residences

7. Research and Scholarly Activities

ACA-RES-101 Research Support
ACA-RES-102 Public and Private Support for Research and Sponsored Programs
ACA-RES-103 Contract Research and Faculty Consulting
ACA-RES-104 Grant-Funded Research Travel
ACA-RES-105 Research Travel by an Individual Student
ACA-RES-201 Research Involving Human and Animal Subjects
ACA-RES-202 Approval of External Requests to Use Zayed University Faculty, Staff, and Students as Research Subjects

8. Graduate Studies

ACA-GRA-101 Graduate Admission to Zayed University
ACA-GRA-102 Graduate Student Tuition and Fees
ACA-GRA-103 Graduate Student Financial Support
ACA-GRA-201 Graduate Student Enrollment and Registration
ACA-GRA-202 Academic Progress in Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-203 Academic Advising for Graduate Students
ACA-GRA-204 Graduate Student Records
ACA-GRA-205 Graduate Student Attendance
ACA-GRA-206 Grading in Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-207 Final Assessments for Graduate Courses
ACA-GRA-208 Academic Appeals for Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-209 Academic Honors and Excellence for Graduate Programs
ACA-GRA-210 Graduate Degree Completion and Graduation
ACA-GRA-211 Graduate Student Code of Conduct
ACA-GRA-212 Graduate Student Complaints and Grievances
ACA-GRA-301 Research Thesis and Dissertation
ACA-GRA-401 Graduate Faculty Designation

Administrative Support

01. Health, Safety, and Environment

SUP-HSE-101 Health and Safety
SUP-HSE-102 Emergency Response and Evacuation
SUP-HSE-103 Environment
SUP-HSE-201 Health and Wellness Center

02. IT Infrastructure and Services

SUP-ITS-101 Computing Resources
SUP-ITS-102 Adoption of Multi-Platform Technology
SUP-ITS-103 Bring Your Own Device
SUP-ITS-104 Acceptable Usage
SUP-ITS-105 Internet Usage
SUP-ITS-201 Access Control
SUP-ITS-202 Internet Content Management and Control
SUP-ITS-203 Information Security
SUP-ITS-204 Data Security
SUP-ITS-205 Password Security
SUP-ITS-206 Email Security
SUP-ITS-207 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access
SUP-ITS-501 Electronic Learning Management System
SUP-ITS-601 Equipment and Software Technical Support
SUP-ITS-602 Remote Desktop Support
SUP-ITS-701 Computer Hardware
SUP-ITS-702 Computer Software Purchase
SUP-ITS-703 Equipment and Software Replacement
SUP-ITS-704 Stolen, Lost or Damaged IT Equipment

03. Human Resources

SUP-HR-15 Employee Complaints and Grievances

06. Contracts, Procurement, and Warehouse

SUP-CPW-01 Procurement and Warehouse Management
SUP-CPW-02 Third-Party Provider

07. Facilities and Project Management

SUP-FPM-201 Campus Security, Visitors on Campus, and Campus Parking
SUP-FPM-202 Reporting Campus Incidents
SUP-FPM-203 Surveillance Camera Monitoring System
SUP-FPM-301 Use of University Facilities
SUP-FPM-302 Space Allocation and Management
SUP-FPM-303 Posting Notices on Campus
SUP-FPM-304 Lost and Found Management
SUP-FPM-305 Reporting Loss, Theft or Damage of University Property
SUP-FPM-306 Smoking on Campus
SUP-FPM-307 Animals on Campus

08. Campus Services

SUP-CAM-101 Travel Services
SUP-CAM-102 University Vehicles
SUP-CAM-301 Business Center Services
SUP-CAM-302 Campus Retail Services

09. Sports and Culture

SUP-SCA-101 Sports Leave

10. Convention Centers

SUP-ZCC-101 Convention Centers

University Management

1. Governance and Management

UNI-GOV-101 University Vision and Mission
UNI-GOV-201 University Governance
UNI-GOV-501 Institutional Planning
UNI-GOV-502 Institutional Surveys
UNI-GOV-601 Enterprise Risk Management

2. Legal Compliance

UNI-LEG-101 Conflict of Interest and Commitment
UNI-LEG-102 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct
UNI-LEG-201 Whistleblowing
UNI-LEG-301 Copyright
UNI-LEG-302 Intellectual Property

3. Public Disclosure

UNI-PUB-101 University Website, Publications, and Printed Materials
UNI-PUB-201 Use of Zayed University Name/Logo
UNI-PUB-202 University Letterhead
UNI-PUB-203 University Business Cards
UNI-PUB-204 University Gift Items
UNI-PUB-301 Social Media
UNI-PUB-401 Providing Information to the Media
UNI-PUB-402 Release of Personal Information and Student Photographs/Videos

4. Quality Assurance and Accreditation

UNI-QAA-101 Quality Assurance
UNI-QAA-102 Academic Quality and Compliance
UNI-QAA-201 Institutional Accreditation
UNI-QAA-202 Accreditation of Academic Programs
UNI-QAA-203 National Qualifications Framework Alignment

5. Community Relations

UNI-COM-101 Outreach and Community Engagement
UNI-COM-102 Civic Social Responsibility
UNI-COM-401 Alumni
UNI-COM-501 Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning
UNI-COM-502 Guest Speakers
UNI-COM-601 Digital Badges